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Babok makes visual object theatre for public spaces.

An important aspect of the work is the way in which the audience experiences the theatre. For this Babok looks at different relations between performers, objects and audience members. In the shows there is a lot of room for improvisation and interaction between performers and the public.

‘Babok does not define the theatre, she invents it!’ (from the jury statement when Babok won the ‘Prize for the Outstanding Performance’ for IGLO at the International Street Theatre Festival Detmold, Germany in 2008).

The shows are not text based and accessible on different levels. It makes the performances suitable for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

In 2022 the following shows will be available:

Reflex: An intimate get together of one performer and one audience member.
PolderCoaster: The absurd, theatrical version of a thrilling rollercoaster.

human animals roaming the urban wilderness.

Bennie Solo:
The man inside a mascotte suit.


The company Babok is a member of Belangenvereniging Buitentheater (the network of Dutch outdoor theatre artists).