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Babok  is a venture of Guido Bevers and Carina de Wit from Amsterdam, Holland. The two of them met while working in the visual theatre company Warner & Consorten, where they were both artistic core-members. With this company they performed at the most leading festivals and collaborated with different groups and artists all around the world.

Having this background, the two of them started Babok in 2005. Together they want to devise renewed theatre for the public space. Small scale projects, accessible to everyone. Performed in an existing reality; people’s daily life- environment.

BABOK are:

Carina de Wit:
I’m educated as a teacher in theatre. Since 1996 I’ve worked as a theatre maker. Up till June 2004 I worked for Warner & Consorten in Amsterdam.

After that I was involved in different art projects, as a costume designer and theatre maker. I give ‘site-specific theatre’ workshops. My specific skills are: performance, voice and costumes.

The public space is filled with all kinds of invisible rules. In what way are people conditioned? Is it possible to create new rules, or at least bend them?

I like to relate to the audience and the public space in challenging ways. And think out different forms of theatre.  As a performer I like to discover and astonish myself. Get surprised about human behaviour, things and their environment. At the same time hoping that the by-passers who are unaware will also experience something.

Guido Bevers:
I worked as a visual artist (painter) before switching to theatre. From 1997 up to 2003 I was part of Warner and Consorten in Amsterdam. Since then I participated in a variety of projects as a visual artist, theatre maker and set builder. Next to Babok I also work at the Amsterdam School for Theatre (De Theaterschool).
Skills: building objects, mechanics, special effects.

I think it is important to put art among people. In this sence, nothing is more exciting than performing outside, in the streets. Confronting visitors and passers-by with our work, inviting them to react and participate. At the same time, the public space ensures you of a mixed audience. People from all possible backgrounds and ages watching a show together.

As a maker I’m fascinated by little mechanics. I enjoy robbing domestic appliances from their function, transforming them and giving them a new life.