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Recently spotted in our streets; The ‘Elander‘. Driven from their natural habitat and looking for new grounds, this strange species infiltrates Western Europe. The behavior of these people with antlers makes you doubt their human nature. They are curious, but also weary of danger. They don’t seem vicious, at most a bit ponderous and maladjusted to our manners. There hasn´t been much contact between man and Elander yet, but the expectation is that they will live together peacefully. As an experiment, a small herd of Elander is plotted in our urban wilderness. Guided by their natural instinct they wander around, searching for food and hunting for bargains.


Elander is a moving, interactive and improvised piece of street theatre. A group of bizarre figures moves amidst an audience of festival visitors, interested people and passers-by. One moment it is a stoic and distant flock, just lazing about. The next moment they are nosy solitaries looking for some human warmth and something tough to chew on. At other times it’s a breezing and blaring pack of untamable beasts.

Elander is watching and being watched in a theatrical study of herd behavior.