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GRENS / BORDER (2010-2015)

We live in a world where providing safety can result in a feeling of invaded privacy. What information or which possessions  do you hand over without knowing what will happen to it and by whom?  Babok goes to the limit: A show in return for your stuff.

Grens is a 30 minute, interactive performance about control, safety and danger. Inside the transparant caravan your personal belongings take part in a story filled with crime, coruption, accidents and tragic events. A show in which everyday objects find themselves in unuasual situations. A challenging performance that deals with naivity, curiosity and wonder, on the deviding line between private and public, between intimacy and impropriety.

Grens is a show that is performed up to five times a day. Since 2010 we have performed the show over 150 times at 18 different festivals in 3 countries.

Grens is no longer available.