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‘PolderCoaster’ is the missing link between street theatre and amusement parks. It is absurd, theatrical version of a thrilling ride. A rollercoaster inspired by the flat Dutch landscape and the typical Dutch polder mentality. The world’s first low-tech rollercoaster does not need a huge track with extreme heights and fast descents, loopings and free-falls. Instead it will follow a path full of twists, turns, suspense and cliffhangers. What’s more, ‘PolderCoaster’ will be muscle powered. So it will be healthy, sustainable and CO2 neutral.

‘PolderCoaster’ will be a short, physical and interactive show. In it four performers will go all the way to give two people from the audience the most unexpected and breathtaking experience of their lifetime: a test-ride in the PolderCoaster prototype! Some audience members will be instructed to help create all the events and effects happening along the way. It will be a show that spins out of control through really bad weather,  tunnels, explosions, emergency stops and reverse and slow motion driving. ‘Cheesy’ entertainment in top gear. Buckle up…..

‘PolderCoaster’ is still under construction. In 2018 we expect to do try-outs of the show on several festivals in The Netherlands. Starting 2019 it will be ready to also tour abroad.