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NAP (2007-2014)

Where can you go when the ground beneath your feet becomes too hot, while at another place it is impossible to keep your feet dry? Baboks answer: “Let’s go to higher grounds”.

NAP is like a roadmovie on the spot. An intimate performance for the senses.
A confrontation with the elements, set in a miniature world, at two meters above ground level. NAP is about the effects of weather and natural disasters, about bad timing and bad luck. It is about the necessity to keep your head cool and dry in times of fast climate changes.


The fifteen minute performance is set in the upper part of a 4,5 meters high “watertower”;. The performers move above the heads of the spectators and they take care that it is impossible for the viewers to withdraw the attention from the events happening.

NAP was granted by the Fonds for the Podiumkunsten.

NAP is a short show, performed up to ten (!) times a day. Since 2007 we have performed the show over 700 times at 20 different festivals in 7 different countries.