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A low fence with a tipped over shed, a peculiar couple and a collection of alienating mechanical animals.

In 2014 Babok did open ‘Asiel’, a shelter for neglected domestic appliances, those tools, food processors and beauty machines, cast into a wardrobe, forgotten and unused. The victims of our consumer society. Babok will transform them into mechanical creatures with an animal like character and give them a second life in the new show ‘Asiel.’

Audience members and passers-by will be invited to enter and get acquainted with the various inhabitants of the shelter; a bunch of cute, aggressive, funny and creepy creatures. Some of them are mainly clumsy or noisy, but others turn out to be surprisingly clever and useful. Mixers on wheels, a jigsaw nibbling biscuits, dancing scrubbers, ice-makers playing ball or a machine to make the perfect Dutch sandwich.

‘Asiel’ transforms public space into an absurd, moving playground. ‘Asiel’ is visual and interactive theatre dealing with the love / hate relationship between man and machine.

Since 2013 Asiel has been performed over sixty times at festivals throughout Europe. Starting 2019 Asiel is no longer available.