This is where we offer an insight into our kitchen. BaBokBaK is the container for our misfires, unripe plans and ideas in a ferment. The projects we are working on next to our regular shows. Structures awaiting further development, and research with a promising future. These are the projects we can not take to the streets (yet), but which are worth sharing.



At first side they look like people wearing a strange kind of antlers. But their behavior makes you wonder how human these creatures really are. In 2015 Babok will set a herd of these, so-called, Elanders out in the streets. They will roam our city centers, shopping districts and parcs for some lush grass and firm stuff to chew on. But off course they will never really lose their natural instinct and herd behavior, while bargain hunting in our urban wilderness.

Elanders will be a infiltration act full of improvisation and interaction between performers and audience members. The show will give an alienating insight into human behavior in public space as well as a mild comment on our consumer mindset.



It is the missing link between street theatre and amusement parcs. The theatrical version of a rollercoaster. Poldercoaster is the world’s first low tech rollercoaster. It doesn’t need a track and it’s muscle powered. Poldercoaster is a typical Dutch design of total consensus.  No hills, no loopings and no free falls, but a twisting path, going through every emotion between comfort and fear.

During the show two people from the crowd will go on the best trip of their lifetime; a Poldercoaster test ride! An alienating tour full of unexpected turns. Other audience members will be instructed to create all the events that occur along the way. You can think of really bad weather, explosions, emergency stops, reverse and slow motion driving and, off-course, the inevitable photo moment.

Low entertainment in highest gear. Fasten your seatbelts…..

We expect to test ride ‘PolderCoaster’ in spring  2015.


De Uitzit – ‘Sitooterie’

With ‘de Uitzit’ Babok offers an alternative for the lack of privacy and connection in public space. It is a temporary venue for a short, special encounter.

‘De Uitzit’ is an intimate instalation for festivals and events. In a sheltered environment there is room for a tête-a-tête of two individuals: a visitor and someone providing a service. Come and sit down for a good conversation, a poem, a classical concert, a minute made cocktail, a game, a hennah tattoo, a short theatrical act….

‘De Uitzit’ is based on the Scottish word ‘sitooterie’ (a place to sit outside). If you want to share thoughts about a possible use for ‘De Uitzit’, please contact us!



During the seventies and eighties it was broadcested on Dutch television every week as part of a popular quiz show: The race between guinea pigs. ‘Marmotor’ is Babok’s mechanical version of this legendary game of chance with animals. People pick two out of five pets to compete inside a metal cage. When the cage is electrified the marmots will start to move and the result will be uncertain. Chance, coincidence and emotion at a tension of 12 Volts.

In 2009 a pilot of ‘Marmotor’ was shown at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam. The animals have gone into hiding ever since. We hope to develop ‘Marmotor’ into a theatrical version of a illegal gambling hall sometime in the future. If only to end the discussion: ‘Marmotor’, is it a game of chance or skill?